Big Game Fishing
Deep sea angling in Croatia
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Deep Sea Fishing Prices

Prices for fishing trips in Croatia

With all the benefits of that big game fishing there are also costs, without which we can not do a fishing trip. It is mainly fuel costs and maintenance of the boat. Because of that we adjust the prices according to the number of guests on big game fishing. Choose boat CABO from Turanj, near Zadar for your best big game fishing experience in Croatia.

Price for big game in Croatia

One day fishing trips prices*

* Departure at 6, 7 or 8 o’clock, return 16, 17 or 19 o’clock at night

  • Angling price for 1 or 2 persons from € 600 to € 750, depending on the wishes of the guests
  • Angling price for 3 or 4 persons from € 600 to € 750, depending on the wishes of the guests

Deep sea Bluefin tuna Hunter in Croatia
Deep sea Bluefin tuna Hunter in Croati

 The price for one-day fishing trip includes:

  • two sandwiches per person
  • one liter of beer or wine per person
  • unlimited water and mineral

For all other options please inform us your needs, so we can prepare it, or you can take your drinks if you want.

Other fishing arrangements

Night fishing or multi-day fishing excursions to offshore sea are negotiated individually, so please send us an inquiry if you want to be on the boat for several days and to fish in the high seas. In the case of multi-day fishing it is necessary to point out whether to sleep on the boat (moored in the bay near the fishing place) or will every day boat back to the mainland as was the guests slept in an apartment or hotel (expensive option).

The advance for the fishing trip is required, the amount is negotiated with the captain.