Big Game Fishing
Deep sea angling in Croatia
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Big game fishing

Central Adriatic - the best place for big game (tuna) fishing in Croatia

Adriatic sea, beautiful European pearl is destination only a few hours drive from a number of European cities, and by plane is associated with rest of Europe and the world. For all the tourists and anglers from far places we suggest a directflight to the airport of Zadar.  More details about the flights on the pages Zadar airport.

In addition to its beauty and purity, the Adriatic Sea is also known for bluefin tuna. For quality tuna angling CABO BGF team will take care of. We have provided top boat equipped with the most modern equipment for deep-sea fishing. If you have your own equipment and want to try angling in the Adriatic offshore sea, it is necessary to consult  the captain before the arrival.

When is the best time for big game fishing?

As a rule, except for a couple of months of the year and during the close season, with a real and experienced  tuna hunter, any time of year is a great choice. However, since the second half of August to November is the best time to catch large samples of bluefin tuna. In November, it is possible to catch tuna weigh up to 300 kilograms.

The techniques of fishing at sea

For a good catch on the offshore sea, except experience and the boat, it is necessary to have a high quality fishing equipment, and above all professional rods for tuna and other large fish. The most common technique is DRIFTING, ie, angling from a floating boat. With drifting technique we hunt for  the tuna, swordfish and other big fish between 50 and 300 kg. 

In addition to the DRIFTING angling technique we practice VERTICAL JIGGING to catch dentex, bonito, amberjack and other well-known examples of fish from the Adriatic Sea. Guests are also interested in TROLLING technique that is practiced in the spring and takes place on the high seas. With this technique on artificial baits designed to be towed by a  moving boat catching smaller pieces of tuna, little tunnies and Albacore. It is used to strenght fishing equipment, rods up to 50 lbs. For this technique of fishing it is necessary to have a lot of sticks (up to 10 pieces).