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My Incredible Big Game Fishing Catch!

Riesige Tunafisch 160 kg CABO boot Vodice Kroatien
Riesige Tunafisch 160 kg CABO boot Vodice Kroatien

Dear fishing enthusiasts,

This season, we experienced incredible moments aboard the CABO boat from Vodice during Big Game Fishing. I am proud to share with you that we achieved record tuna catches, surpassing all previous standards.

On the first day, we caught tuna weighing an impressive 160 kg, and already on the second day, we landed another giant weighing 130 kg. It was an experience that will forever be etched in my memory.

Each of these moments was the result of incredible teamwork and dedication. Together with my team, we demonstrated top skills and expertise in catching and handling these wild and powerful swimmers.

Therefore, I proudly highlight the CABO boat and our team as leading participants in Big Game Fishing in Croatia. Along with the announcement of these record catches, we share with you two photos that show our impressive trophies.

These moments are proof that with passion, dedication, and teamwork, anything is possible. Thank you for your support and the immense enthusiasm that drives us.

May the sea always bring you unforgettable adventures!

With respect, Captain Vice Gulin

Please check this video: https://youtube.com/shorts/1AniyC8YJM4?si=f0TT7LKTGJzPlfnw

Riesige Tunafisch 160 kg CABO boot Vodice Kroatien
Huge BluefinTuna 130 kg on CABO boat Vodice Croatia

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